Benefits of a Design-Build Company

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There is a new growing trend in construction, and its called design-build. Traditionally in the Chicago area, when someone wanted to do a new project on their home they would have to hire an architect for designing, and then a separate company to construct it. The design-build method is where a single company is chosen to handle both the design and construction of the project. With all these building codes and laws, simple construction or home improvement projects can quickly become a headache. That is why more and more people are choosing to use design-build method rather than the traditional.

When choosing a design-build company to build a project, there is usually a special contract between the business and individual that states that the contractor will be responsible for all of the designing, constructing, and improvements on the project. They can be hired for any type of project, whether it be new building construction or just renovating an existing building.

Design-build contracts are different from a design-bid-built contract. The design-bid-built is where an owner would meet with a designer which develops a plan. He will generate information that will be used in the bid proposal for the constructing costs. The contract usually goes to the lowest bidder. This can take time and can waste money. Design-build takes out some of the extra middle men. To save time and money, the design-build method achieves both of those goals. It has all the necessary services in one company. A design/build team is able to overlap in the constructing and the design phases.
Another attractive feature to design-build is owners are not placed directly between the contractor and the engineer/architect. Sometimes documents are not provided to the owner. The law puts a huge burden on owners to ensure the accuracy of the documents to the contractors. To rectify this situation, design/build contracting relieves the owner of the legal and managerial responsibility of a project.

Ultimately the design-build method gives you a peace of mind. Dealing with only one company for all your needs is always easier and can save money. A key advantage you get with design-build companies is that when they are designing they are always conscious of the building process at the same time. So they understand what the best and most cost efficient method is. In Chicago, with all the different architecture firms and construction companies around, it’s a good idea to look into a design-build company to get a good balanced look at your project.

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